Steele Pilates Advanced Mat and Choreographic Sequencing CEC Course

Steele Pilates LLC, Teri Lee Steele
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"Beyond looking better and increasing one’s self esteem, becoming healthier and all that good stuff, what is the point of learning how to move if all you do is move through one exercise/movement each time and repeat it until fatigue?" Teri designed this course with advanced movers in mind, but anyone can have more fun in Pilates class with a teacher who knows how to make choreographed sequences ( at any level ). Students feel like they move more fluidly and it teaches people how to use their core strength and breath not only how to do unique movements, but how to connect them actively. This course will teach advanced mat work and sequences in a way that will not distract from the exercise's integrity and will give you the tools to expand and create your own sequences. This work is a signature component to Teri's work and she is happy to share it with other teachers who wish to learn how it is done. 

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This 4 hour class will take place LIVE on Zoom. You will receive the course syllabus to download and use during the course for notes and information. You will also receive the Steele Pilates Advanced Mat Class video for self practice and to study class design. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate valid for 4 National Pilates Certification Program CEC Credits.

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