Steele Pilates Online Mat Certification Course

Steele Pilates LLC, Teri Lee Steele
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Steele Pilates Certified Mat Instructors are some of the most successful and sought after teachers in New York City and around the world. Created and taught by Teri Steele in New York City, the Steele Pilates  Mat Certification is now available online! You will receive five videos of Teri's lectures which teach how to instruct, cue, correct and modify each Steele Pilates exercise(60+ exercises!) along with training principles and program design. You also receive 4 sample class videos which coordinate with each lecture section for you to use as self practice and to study class design. You get  the Steele Pilates Mat Certification Lecture Notebook- with pictures of each exercise and room for note taking. You will also receive Teri's articles on Pilates History and Relevance, How to Cue Stabilization, Pilates Core Principles, and How to work with Special Populations and Common Injuries. Once completed, you can access  up to 60 minutes of private coaching with Teri via ZOOM and the Steele Pilates Online exam using the link and password provided during the meeting with Teri.  Upon passing the online exam, you will receive a Steele Pilates Mat Certificate! 

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Five videos of Teri's lectures on teaching, cuing and correcting each Steele Pilates Mat Exercise, 4 Sample Class videos for self practice and studying class design, the Steele Pilates Notebook which includes every exercise, along with photos and space for your own note taking, the Steele Pilates Anatomy Review Notes, Teri's articles on Pilates History and Relevance, Core Principles, Cuing Stabilization and Working with Special Population and Injuries.

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